Waterski Course

State licensed water ski course in Otter Lake

Boaters have probably seen the new bouys along side the waterski course.

This is a new requirement from the DNR including no swimming or anchoring in the course area.

Sking in the course is permitted from 6:00 a.m. to 1 hour after sunset.

This course is used by many skiers to refine their skills, for some it is for state tournament practice, and others just go out and have fun testing their ability to try to make all 6 buoys at faster speeds or shorter line lengths.

There are several considerations, however, you should be aware of before using the course.

The ski course is set up in shallow water, 3’ to 4’ average depth. It is designed for inboard ski boats. Inboard/Outboard boats will probably hit the bottom and damage a prop. There is also a steel cable running the entire length of the course that can easily get caught in your prop causing damage.

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